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To provide customers with high-quality, stable supply chain chemical products

The total number of our invested factories and in-depth cooperation factories exceeds 300. We have a stable supply ability, and good financial strength, can escort your order, can advance funds for customers, to facilitate the customer's capital turnover. In addition, the quality of our products is very stable and customer feedback is good. Our supply system is very good, for example, if a product is going to be discontinued, we will inform the customer one month in advance, which is convenient for the customer to replenish and stock up. If you have any information about the chemical products and the market situation, you can contact us.

Provide safe logistics services to solve your worries

We work with more than 100 freight forwarders and logistics companies. They have a long history of working with us to provide safe and secure freight services. Especially dangerous chemicals, we have a wealth of transportation qualifications and experience, to ensure that you purchase dangerous goods and general goods can be safely and effectively transported to your designated port. If there is a quality problem with your goods, we will also support return.


Provide customized products and technical service support

The average age of our technical department members is over 50 years old, all of them are aging workers in the chemical industry for many years, and they recommend suitable products according to the downstream use of customers, and provide customized services for you. In addition, they are very sensitive to the market fluctuations of chemical products, if you are interested in the trend of product prices, you can also information us, we will provide you with the market trend of each product, at the right time to remind you to buy. This product information is all within the scope of our free services.